Dragon Ball Legends Cheats | Instant Crystal Hack 2020


Dragon Ball Legends – another theme of dragon ball mobile game. The game has been published for a year now. But its popularity still increases. One of the reason should be there are large number of dragon ball fans support this game day by day. The amazing graphics design and real time battle system make the game stand out. High quality characters with realistic visual effects make it top-level game. You should love it once you start to play it. The fighting system is very unique and easy to use. You will not feel any action delay during the fighting. However, getting more crystal is the biggest issue in the game. Don’t worry, our latest Dragon Ball Legends Cheats will help you get enough crystal and make the game play more easily.

Here are some useful tips that you can try and begin with, you may reap some benefits from them.

Know your character’s type

There are total four types in this game. They are defense type, support type, melee type and ranged type. Each type has its own advantages and weakness. When you unlock a character, you’d better check which type it belongs to. Here, let’s take Shallot as a example. After checking, you will find that he belongs to melee type. This means that he is good short range fighting. His famous ability is Warrior Blood – once it is released, it can kill all the enemies around him. However, Shallot is not good at long range attack. He will become weak during the long rang fighting. So if you are fighting in a long distance, just replace Shallot with other characters.

Focus on primary currency and upgrades

Crystal is the primary currency of the game. You need to spend them wisely if you don’t have much of them. Collecting enough amount of crystals is not an easy job for every player. They need to work hard on the missions and make sure every battle win – only in this case, they will get some considerable amount of crystals. Not interested in this time-consuming job, well, now you can use Dragon Ball Legends hack to solve this problem.

Once you own enough crystals, you should start to upgrade your characters. The upgrades includes skill improvement and new character unlock. Skill upgrades usually make your character’s skill more powerful. It will cost you five to eight crystals each upgrade, that depends on your skill level. The higher level your skills are, the more crystals will be needed in the upgrade. Character unlock is the most important and attractive part in the game. There are more than 20 characters in the game. You will need lots of crystals to unlock them all.

Replay previous story

Once you have no idea how to move forward in the game, you should stop thinking, move back to the previous story. Usually, you will get some important hints when you replay the previous story. What’s more important, you will earn extra EXP during your previous story game play. However, we don’t recommend you replay the difficult story. Because each replay will makes that story more hard to complete. So if you are not strong enough, don’t challenge the difficult story more than once.

Overall, Dragon Ball Legends is a popular and attractive RPG action game. Although it is easy to earn crystal in the beginning, it gets tougher to get them in higher levels. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on purchasing lots of crystals, you can always rely on our working Dragon Ball Legends Cheat engine.

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